DD1 High Heels & Hard Hats: Women in FM
Tuesday, October 6, 2015 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Venue: Colorado Convention Center
Room: Room 207

A panel of women from around the world will address topics facing women in FM from a global perspective.

Topics include:
• Balance of power: How do women stand in the market? How is the distribution of women in the industry impacted by industry demands and culture in various regions?
• The worth of a woman: Do women in different cultures market their value differently? How do you articulate your value in a manner that is both professional and culturally acceptable?
• Leading the industry: A look at leadership and what it means to women internationally.
• Career development: How do women enter the industry and move up?

In a round table world café, we will discuss concerns such as sexual harassment; making big decisions; moving from blue collar to white collar; understanding different aspects of finance; and forgiveness vs. permission. Three FMs representing early, mid- and end-of career situations will discuss what success looks like. Learn from two role-playing scenarios between an executive and FM - one negotiating salary/benefits; the second negotiating a job opportunity. What is your body language saying?

Whether you're beginning your career full of bold new ideas or you're looking for fresh challenges, this session is for you (yes, men too)! Leave feeling inspired, motivated and confident.

Learning Lab Area:
Leadership Learning Lab
Topic Category:
Leadership and Strategy
Learning Objectives/Outcomes:
Determine your value in FM and in your workplace, no matter where you live; learn how to propel your career forward.
Identify what it takes to be a leader in the FM industry.
Understand the cultural differences and how they affect women in FM around the world.
Learn some effective tips and tricks from this incredible panel of women in FM.
Levels of Learning
200 level
Meredith Thatcher, President, Thatcher Workplace Consulting
Kati Barklund, Group Innovation Manager, Coor Service Management Group
Jean Burnett, Facility Manager, Dow's Lake Court
Renuka Rajagopal, Professional, VMware Inc.
Lynn Baez, Director of Workplace Services-NALA Management Team, Cushman & Wakefield
Mary Gauer, Group Manager, Capital Projects, University of New Mexico, Planning, Design & Construction
Lesley Groff, Director of Facilities, Mennonite Home Communities
Eileen McMorrow, Editor, The McMorrow Reports for Facilities Management
Tyrel Melville, Senior Regional Manager, Real Estate & Facilities, Scotiabank
Ms. Mary Redmond, Chief Negotiator, Fearless Negotiator LLC
Becky Spohn, Professional Confidence Builder, Confidence Concepts, LLC
Mr. Peter Winters, Associate Principal, Page