FRED TALKS NEW – IFMA “FRED” Talks on Facility, Real Estate & Design– Inspired by TED Talks: Ideas Worth Spreading
Thursday, October 8, 2015 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Venue: Colorado Convention Center
Room: Solutions Arena 3

Facility Management, Energy &Sustainability, Workplace changes….innovation, technology, automation, etc. are rapidly redefining FM. IFMA has invited several industry experts to spread some ideas over the course of this 60 minute session in 7, 7 minute short but powerful talks. Please join us to hear some thought provoking speakers who will challenge your way of thinking and may inspire you to approach your work or business differently.

Speaker Line-Up and Schedule
Talk 1 - 1:00-1:10 pm – Future of Real Estate and Facilities; Maureen Ehrenberg, FRICS, CRE, International Director, Integrated Facilities Management, JLL
What does the future potentially hold for real estate and facilities, the workplace and employees? Should we be rethinking the current conversation about employee experience and workplace? Is the new economy evolving into something far more extreme?

Talk 2 - 1:10-1:17 pm – Three Technology Trends that are Transforming Facility Management; Michael Schley, IFMA Fellow, CEO and Founder of FM: Systems
Cloud Computing, Mobile Computing, and BIM are dramatically changing facility management. Technology pioneer Michael Schley tells how and gives tips on what you can do to be better prepared.

Talk 3 - 1:18-1:25 pm - Smart Buildings Need Smart People; Pete Scarpelli | Global Director of Energy & Sustainability, CBRE | Global Energy & Sustainability
Smart buildings are those that are equipped to automate the reporting and control of certain building elements—lighting, temperature, energy consumption, etc.—to make the building easier and more efficient to manage and operate. In the session, we will look at specific factors that can significantly influence the success (or not) of a smart building facility improvement initiatives. Included in these factors are skills, talent, time, and more.

Talk 4 – 1:26-1:33 pm – Preparing Your Facilities Portfolio for the Digital Future; Nancy Sanquist, Real Estate and Workplace Strategist, Trimble Real Estate & Workplace Solutions
We know the future holds great promise for efficient management, security, safety and operations of our facilities, yet dependent on data and information buried in paper, files and various disparate systems. Let's talk about how we get prepared and overcome this overwhelming obstacle.

Talk 5 – 1:34-1:41 pm – Making FM A Career of Choice – The Global Workforce Initiative; Jeff Tafel, Executive Director, IFMA Foundation
More than half of the FM workforce is expected to retire in the next 5-15 years. IFMA’s foundation is committed to FM as a Career of Choice through the Global Workforce Initiative (GWI) and a mission to fill the growing talent gap. The IFMA community can play an instrumental role in this game changing work. Learn more about the GWI and how you, your chapter, component group can help lead this effort for the advancement of the profession.

Talk 6 – 1:42-1:49 pm – Designing for the Experience, R. Mark Ellis, IWS Director NA/EM, Nike
Discuss designing workplace services and amenities around the experience you're trying to provide your employees and customers. Services are leaning more towards hospitality and customer service - how do you incorporate those ideals to enhance your company culture and influence the productivity of the workplace?

Talk 7 –1:50-1:57 pm - Building the Dream Team; Laurie Gilmer, Facility Engineering Associates
Forming a team is easy. But creating a great team that takes time and is built on principles that are acted out in every day conversation and a thousand tiny actions. Most of us want to be a part of something like that, but how do you get there? Whether you are building a team or are a team member, you have a part to play that has the power to influence and inspire. This talk illustrate this through personal examples

Learning Lab Area:
Leading & Bleeding Edge Learning Lab
Topic Category:
Leadership and Strategy
Learning Objectives/Outcomes:
Rethink the current conversation about employee experience and workplace
Learn about cloud computing, mobile computing, and BIM
Learn about smart building equipment
Learn about the GWI and how you can help lead this effort
Maureen Ehrenberg, International Director, Integrated Facilities Management (IFM), Americas, JLL
Robert Ellis, Integrated Workplace Services Director, NA/EM, Nike
Ms. Laurie Gilmer, Vice President, Facility Services, Facility Engineering Associates
Ms. Nancy Sanquist, Real Estate and Workplace Strategist, Trimble
Pete Scarpelli, Global Director of Energy & Sustainability, CBRE | Global Energy & Sustainability
Mr. Michael Schley, CEO / Owner, FM:Systems, Inc.
Jeff Tafel, IFMA Foundation