Founder & Executive Director 
Melissa Marsh is Founder and Executive Director of PLASTARC, a social research, workplace innovation, and real estate strategy firm dedicated to shifting the metrics associated with workplace from 'square feet and inches' to 'occupant satisfaction and performance.' Melissa also leads the Occupant Experience discipline at Savills Studley, which leverages the tools of social science and business strategy to help organizations make more informed, data-driven, and people-centric real estate decisions. PLASTARC, in partnership with Savills Studley, employs people analytics, building information systems, and a variety of creative methods to enable work environments that enhance knowledge, accelerate business, and enrich employees. With a background in social science and a Master of Architecture degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Melissa is an active provocateur and contributor to many professional and research communities associated with the built world, including Worktech, AIA, CoreNet, IFMA, and EDRA.
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Session Code Session Title Date Time
2.12A The Multi-Sensory Workplace: Leveraging Human Sensors to Improve Workplace EQ October 19, 2017 9:30 AM - 10:30 AM