Principal, Workplace Strategies  
Smith Group Jjr  
Arnold assesses business design and
examines how design solutions can
be a true catalyst for organizational
transformation. With over 45 years
of experience working across client
industries in the US, Europe, and Asia,
Arnold has developed and refined tools
and methodologies that enable targeted
focus with clients. Arnold’s integrated approach blurs the boundaries between
traditional markets of workplace and achieves their greatest
potential through innovation. He connects strategies to business
models, positioning them as cases for improving organizational
performance and evolved business efficiencies. His combined
background of experience in research, teaching, consultation,
and design has provided him with unique insights into the
interrelationships between each critical field, further innovating
across departments within organizations.
Session Code Session Title Date Time
8.01 A Why doesn’t my office look like Google? A critical examination of workplace strategy initiatives and workplace change April 5, 2017 3:15 PM - 3:50 PM