7.01 B Advancing Workplace Experience by Leveraging Spatial and Social Data
Wednesday, April 5, 2017 2:20 PM - 3:00 PM
Venue: Caesars Palace
Room: Forum 17-19
The proliferation of digital tools for supporting employee creativity, collaboration and productivity shows no sign of slowing. These are a boon for facilities managers as much as workers themselves, producing valuable data streams illuminating occupant behaviors and needs. Allowing the constant monitoring of space and technology usage, worker requests, and general occupancy patterns, digital facility management platforms offer the facility manager the ability to perform an increasingly responsive and dynamic role in the work environment. By harnessing data from building systems and location-based social tools, facility managers are in the ideal position to become the digital strategy experts of the built environment. The digitized workplace is not a potential future, but a certain one. So how can facility managers capitalize on the increasingly ubiquitous digital layer of the built environment to build a strong case for their work as a force for both occupant and organizational satisfaction? We will answer this question through a series of case studies in which digital facility management platforms are leveraged to unlock key metrics related to the occupant satisfaction and experience.

Learning Objectives
Gain the knowledge to build a business case for greater investment in digital tools to enable the success of your occupants and workplace
Learn to engage social data to understand what matters to occupants, how to make facilities programs more impactful, and why investing in a data-driven workplace experience has significant ROI.
Leave with applicable knowledge on making a variety of spaces more responsive to occupant needs.
Levels of Learning
200 level
Track/Topic Area:
Workplace Evolutionaries (WE) Community
Melissa Marsh, Founder & Executive Director and Sr. Managing Director, Occupant Experience, PLASTARC/Savills Studley