6.03 It's All about People: Building Communities in the Workplace
Venue: Sheraton Wall Centre
Room: Junior Ballroom CD

This is the presentation of a paper which explores the rise and rise of Co-working centers and their relevance to the changing profile of the workforce demographic. Those who run, and operate, Co-working centers offer brilliant insight into what constitutes a great workplace experience....and why wouldn't they? This is their business. Their future depends on building effective and attractive communities that are worth the price of admission. In building these communities they have been able to prioritize investment, develop people skills and learn the secrets of happy, nurturing and effective workplaces. There are many lessons to be learned in the Corporate environment from their successes and this session will share those with the audience. It will challenge Corporate facility organizations to acquire these skills and use them in their own organizations to improve employee engagement.

Track/Topic Area:
Council/Community/Industry Specific - Workplace Evolutionaries
Learning Objectives
Creates a profile of the reasons for the rise of Coworking centers and develops forecasts for their continuing growth and relevance.
Explores the skills and expertise of Coworking center owners and highlights the unique skills they have acquired to build effective Communities
I have concluded that few Corporate users have developed these skills but would be wise to do so. This presentation will share details of the skills, the environment and practices that have evolved and develop ideas as to how they could be applied in Corporate environments to increase engagement across their employee populations.
Level of Learning
300 level
Mr. Chris Hood