5.02 Mobility Programs, Change, and People Working Everywhere but at Their Desks... How Did I Get Here? I'm a Facility Manager—I Have to Manage This Too?!
Venue: Sheraton Wall Centre
Room: Junior Ballroom CD

This is not your father's workspace.  The role of facilities manager continues to expand and change, and so many of us aren't trained or experienced In how to understand, discuss, or manage workplace expectations that have become the norm.  It seemed like half of World Workplace in New Orleans was focused on these workplace issues.  For so many years, FMs have been encouraged to think strategically about budgets and advancing careers to get to "the table," and now there's all this workplace change that we’re supposed to know about as well?!  Add to that increased intersection with technology, shrinking staff, and now people want treadmills at their desks?  How are we supposed to manage this?

Creativity and flexibility have become more and more important in the space real estate and facilities groups provide for their customers.  For the Facility Manager, this presentation provides a basic understanding of the elements in a range of mobility programs and alternative office-ing scenarios, a succinct, controlled rant on why you need to understand the value and steps in a change management program, and some basic facts and advice about how to let go and relax into the new ways of working.  Although this presentation is for the facilities manager, workplace experts will find some helpful tips on how to relate to the facility managers who are often your clients and who are so dramatically impacted by the work that you're doing. 

Participants will leave with a toolkit of information to inform themselves about these issues, enabling them to appropriate ask questions and set expectations, contribute to the discussions, and be prepared to support the new environments.

Track/Topic Area:
Council/Community/Industry Specific - Workplace Evolutionaries
Learning Objectives
Understand basic information about mobility, work from home, and alternative office-ing concepts and how the implementation of these new ways of working impacts the facilities manager
Learn the importance of change management programs for all the work done in your facility, but especially for these types of programs, which often radically change the look and functionality of the workplaces. Provides a toolkit of basic change management information.
Obtain greater understanding of how to support facilities where people no longer sit at their desks. What things need to be considered when managing facilities that are no longer ‘traditional.’
Level of Learning
200 level
Melodee Wagen