4.03 So....you Succeeded in Developing a Mobility/Flexible Work Program....now What!!
Venue: Sheraton Wall Centre
Room: Junior Ballroom CD

This session is intended to arm participants with information and practical knowledge of the means to continually evaluate how their flexible spaces are performing in the dynamically changing workplace. From assessing sharing ratios to assuring that the built environment is keeping pace with the way people are working as work styles, and the labor demographics, are changing. The first part of the session will focus on some typical tools that organizations have used to inform their decisions on spatial requirements; inclusive of utilization data and benchmarking information from industry sources. However, recognizing that work styles and space utilization is not static, the second part of the presentation will focus on best practices that can be followed to continue to assess and evaluate how the space is actually being used to understand if sharing ratios should be increased to serve a higher population and/or when space is oversubscribed and can no longer absorb staff. Additionally, the ratios of the various space types within the built environment will require on-going assessment to evaluate your workplace strategy and adjust course based on key data elements.

Track/Topic Area:
Council/Community/Industry Specific - Workplace Evolutionaries
Learning Objectives
How to measure utilization of space in today’s workplace environment and we will share data management principles for collecting flex space data.
How to manage workspace types, rebalance and modify your workplace requirements and strategy using real data points
How to use trending and data elements for forecasting your portfolio optimization strategies
Level of Learning
200 level
Ms. Cheryl Jefferies
Dr. Isilay Civan
Ms. Lisa Brinkman