Senior Director, Workplace Research  
Kylie Roth is the Senior Director of Workplace Research at Knoll. In her role, she spearheads the firm’s research programs, focusing on the connection between design, the quality of the user experience and organizational outcomes. She engages with a broad range of internal teams and external experts to investigate emerging workplace movements and conduct explorations into the future of work, seeking out new ideas, uncovering broad trends and delivering a big-picture view on the changing dynamics of work. Research findings are translated into business insights, effective planning strategies and product development opportunities, as well as applied to future strategic initiatives for Knoll.

Prior to joining Knoll, Kylie was a Senior Interior Designer for HOK, where she worked with top-tier clients throughout the globe to help them build environments, which enhanced their organizational culture and aligned their business objectives.
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Session Code Session Title Date Time
7.01 Work, Life and Play: Building the Workplace Experience May 18, 2017 10:45 AM - 11:45 AM