5.04 Guiding Principles to the Implementation of your Workplace Strategy
Wednesday, May 17, 2017 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Venue: Fairmont Royal York
Room: Confederation 5
This session is intended to discuss the importance of having ‘Guiding Principles’ for the implementation of your Workplace Strategy and how they can be the basis for the development of metrics and processes, as well as providing the foundation for self-evaluation. Is it simply a matter of deciding what you want the ‘workplace’ to look like? Is it all about ‘branding’ or is it more complicated? The session will talk about determining/developing the principles based on what is ‘better practice’ and impactful to you. Further, it will demonstrate how taking the principles and focusing on the output will assist with the ability to either self evaluate or create a means for trusted partners to evaluate adherence and develop a plan to conform. We then need to clearly understand the following: How can these principles be effective in determining Workplace Strategy? How do we leverage them? How do we present the positive influence in a consumable fashion? How do we measure our success?

Learning Objectives
How to define and develop the Planning and Data Management principles that can be used throughout the implementation of your Workplace Strategy.
How to link the ‘tactical to the strategic’ in both Planning and Data Management in order to provide a measureable foundation and define the appropriate metrics.
How to develop a simple method to score your current situation and allow for identification of improvements.
Level of Learning
300 level
Track/Topic Area:
Workplace Evolutionaries (WE) Community
Cheryl Jefferies, Vice President, HOK Inc.
Paul Mckenzie P. Eng, Sr. Vice President, Managing Principal, HOK Canada, Inc.