1.08 Workplace Detox: Seven Things You Could Be Getting All Wrong
Thursday, October 8, 2015 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM
Venue: Colorado Convention Center
Room: Room 401/402

Whether a workplace program is in its infancy, or mature and refined many times over there are lessons to be learned and toxic workplace practices to quarantine. It’s time to take stock of the corners we’ve cut and the assumptions we've made and regroup on best practices. As we focus on future-proofing the workplace by allowing for maximum flexibility and mobility enablement, could we be doing more harm than good in today's modern workplace? Is your organization ready for a workplace detox?

Learning Lab Area:
Leading & Bleeding Edge Learning Lab
Topic Category:
Workplace Evolutionaries
Learning Objectives/Outcomes:
Learn seven ways to detox your workplace of things that may be doing more harm than good, from privacy accommodation to leading practices in workplace governance.
Understand pitfalls to avoid during workplace transformation.
Discover best practices for provisioning innovation trigger points in the workplace.
Understand the importance of post workplace transformation support and workplace governance principals that actually work.
Levels of Learning
200 level
Mrs. Angie Earlywine, Senior Vice President, Cannon Design