DD1 High Heels & Hard Hats: Breaking Barriers
Tuesday, October 4, 2016 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Venue: San Diego Convention Center
Room: 2

Women have been breaking barriers and will continue to do so. 2016 is the 25th anniversary of the first female chair of IFMA. Christine Neldon was sworn in as Chair at the annual IFMA conference in 1991 in San Diego. It seems fitting to celebrate this achievement and learn from the trailblazing women on this year’s panel. The panel includes Christine Neldon (of course), Mary Gauer (one of the two female founders of IFMA), Sheila Sheridan (retired FM from Harvard University, IFMA chair and brought sustainability to IFMA), and Carroll Thatcher (trailblazer in online masters in FM over 20 years ago, and CAD/IWMS over 30 years ago). Each has showed incredible leadership throughout their careers and continue to share with young FMs. The four hour session will include the always popular round table discussions, the trailblazer panel, and two presentations on leadership: Leading from the Middle and Women Leading in Turbulent Times. Come learn, share, network, laugh and get ready to take charge of the rest of your WWP conference---and your career.

Join us for a panel of women trailblazers – learn from their experience, ask them your questions, engage them in problem solving today’s issues, and perhaps find a mentor. Hear what they fought for that we take for granted today.

Topics include:
Leading from the Middle: Changing the FM Mindset
Even in today’s complex world, no-one needs to feel excluded from taking a leadership role based on their position in the organization, and certainly not someone who in any organization is considered to be a subject matter expert.  But to be able to exert that influence, the expert, in this case the Facilities Manager, of course needs to have credibility based on knowledge, but, more importantly, also needs to know how to influence peers and superiors who wield decision-making power.  If an expert has a negative outlook, or looks only internally for support, any proposed change initiative will be doomed to failure, no matter how much specialized or exclusive knowledge the proposer might have.  However, knowing the right people by building networks and partnerships in advance of a decision point, and knowing what information to share when, will make the difference between inclusion and exclusion, between being accepted and being ignored.  ‘Leading change from the middle’ will always be a challenge, but we all have bosses who also have bosses. Having the leadership tools to influence the future will enable a Facilities Manager to make a powerful contribution to organizational or functional change.

Women Leading in Turbulent Times
Today’s workplaces are experiencing unprecedented change. Leaders are facing a perfect storm of stressors at work, including information overload, breakneck speed of delivery, difficult re-organizations, and record levels of uncertainty. The challenges leaders face are amplified by workers being mobile, and teams being distributed across geographies. Leaders can no longer rely on traditional methods of managing. Female leaders in traditionally male dominated fields face many additional hurdles, including navigating career and family roles. Women’s non-work lives also present more demands than ever, potentially draining their capacity at home and work. Luckily there are strategies that can help better manage energy and capacity so that we do not risk mental exhaustion and burn out.  Further, certain leadership capabilities have been found to be essential to leading in a distributed or mobile workplace, which can greatly reduce stress and increase team performance.

Whether you're beginning your career full of bold new ideas or you're looking for fresh challenges, this session is for you (yes, men too)! Leave feeling inspired, motivated and confident.

Topic Category:
Leadership and Strategy
Learning Objectives/Outcomes:
Understand what it means to Lead from the Middle
Develop a network of peers though participation in the round table discussions
Know what it takes to be a woman leader in turbulent times
Learn from the women trailblazers and engage them in helping to find solutions to today's challenges
Levels of Learning
200 level
Kati Barklund, Group Innovation Manager, Coor Service Management Group
Jessica Bickel, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Alana Dunoff FMP, IFMA Fellow, Consultant/Adjunct Professor, AFD Facility Planning
Mary Gauer CFM, IFMA Fellow, Principal, MDG Consulting
Lesley Groff CFM, Director of Facilities, Mennonite Home Communities
Laura Hambley Ph.D., President and Industrial/Organizational Psychologist, Work EvOHlution
Ms. Valerie Keyes CD, MA, MSL, Director Personnel Security and Identity Management, Department of National Defence
Terry Lipovski B.A., Esq., Leadership Coach, Ubiquity Leadership
Deborah Naczynski
Christine Neldon, CRE Regional Project Manager, Travelers
Ms. Mary Redmond, Chief Negotiator, Fearless Negotiator LLC
Kathy Roper CFM, MCR, LEED AP, IFMA Fellow, Retired
Sheila Sheridan IFMA Fellow, RCFM, Retired
Becky Spohn FMP, Professional Confidence Builder, Confidence Concepts, LLC
Mrs. Carroll Thatcher IFMA Fellow, CFM, President, Carroll Thatcher Designs
Guy Thatcher, Independent Consultant
Meredith Thatcher, IFMA Fellow CFM, Prosci, LEED, President, Thatcher Workplace Consulting
Pat Turnbull IFMA Fellow, LEED AP, MA, Kayhan International
Melissa Van Hagan CFM, IFMA Fellow, Oracle
Mr. Pete Winters FAIA, CFM, IFMA Fellow, Corporate/Commercial Director, Page