Reliance Detection Technologies/FloodMaster - Booth 1635        
Plenum-Rated Water Tank Leak Detection & Automatic Shut-Off Kit
When water heaters and tanks are located in the space between a structural ceiling and a dropped ceiling, the damage caused by an undetected leak can be catastrophic. Reliance Detection Technologies provides an affordable, easy-to-install leak detection kit specifically designed to mitigate potential damage from plumbing leaks in these plenum spaces. The FloodMaster® RS-094-MK6 leak detection and automatic shut-off system kit is designed to protect commercial, residential and mixed-use buildings from water tank leaks in overhead areas. The kit includes a lead-free 3/4” ANSI/NSF 61 Annex G shut-off valve, water sensor, actuator, step-down transformer and plenum-rated wires. When a leak is detected, an alarm sounds and the valve automatically shuts off the water supply to the tank. Like other RDT products, the system interfaces easily with most building security, automation and smart home systems. Visit RDT/FloodMaster at booth #1635 for more information.