7.11B Hacking the Workplace: A Simple Guide to Elevating the Employee Experience by Leveraging the Systems you Already Have
Friday, October 5, 2018 12:15 PM - 12:45 PM
Venue: Charlotte Convention Center - West Wing
Room: 208A
Dates: October 5, 2018 12:15 PM - 12:45 PM CST
While the facilities management space is a-buzz about the Digital Workplace, many Facilities Managers are struggling to upgrade aging infrastructures to keep pace and reach the holy grail: an improved Employee Experience [EX]. For most "ripping and replacing" that infrastructure is an impossibility. However, evolving it - step by step - may be the best option yet. In this highly practical and insightful discussion, Magnus Löfsjögård, Head of Digital Innovation in the Nordics, Sodexo will share how Sodexo turned their HQ into an FM Lab to run experiments for improved space utilization, service delivery, productivity and EX for the company and their customers. The panel will take the audience on an easy to follow guide to determining what facilities leaders need now, how to evolve the current tech stack, identify and test the most important technologies to have the greatest impact on the workplace, without causing disruption to the workforce. The panel will show audience members how to look for opportunities to take incremental steps to take the employee experience higher. They may find it takes less effort than they originally thought.

How to really get your arms around the digital workplace: setting the goals, vision and plan to make it happen
How to leverage your existing systems have to make evolutionary, not revolutionary, changes.
How to easily test, layer and introduce new technologies at a manageable pace that are designed uplift the employee experience
How to include more voices across departments and generations in the workplace
300 level
Mrs. Elizabeth Dukes, CMO And Co-Founder, IOffice, Inc.
Mr. Kenton Gray, CTO, IOffice, Inc.