5.11B Quantifying a Great Experience: The Design Factors That Matter Most
Friday, October 5, 2018 9:45 AM - 10:15 AM
Venue: Charlotte Convention Center - West Wing
Room: 208A
Dates: October 5, 2018 9:45 AM - 10:15 AM CST
Everybody’s talking about experience; quantifying it, that’s another matter. The Gensler Experience Index is the result of a three-year, mixed-methods research study focused on a big question: what makes a great experience, and what design factors are most important to making that experience great? Capturing data (4,000+ anonymous survey respondents and 60+ hours of ethnographic research) from retail, hospitality, public, and workplaces in a single study allowed us to discover commonalities of a great experience no matter the space, while also creating actionable insights to improve the employee experience based specifically on knowledge-worker data. The result is a holistic framework for how to measure, and improve, the whole employee experience—from the design of physical workplaces, to the qualities of employee interactions, intentions, and expectations employees are bringing to work with them every day. Only by measuring all of these aspects together can we make truly informed, comprehensive decisions to optimize employee performance and experience. The research also delivers broad insights into how people are behaving today, and the broadening suite of needs and expectations that employees bring to their workplaces. Driven by myriad forces from technological change to the impacts of a changing retail and lifestyle marketplace on our expectations at work, tomorrow’s workplaces must adapt to accommodate new types of work and workers. The research concludes by identifying specific design factors that are most important to a great workplace experience, and discussing how design can be used as a lever for broader organizational transformation.

Understand the widening range of behaviors and intentions employees bring to work today
Develop a holistic language to discuss and measure the whole employee experience
Understand how workplace design can be part of larger organizational change—and the other factors that need to be considered to make that work
Identify the design factors that matter most to a great workplace experience.
200 level
Ms. Janet Pogue McLaurin, Principal, Gensler
Mr. Timothy Pittman, Senior Associate, Research Strategist and Communications Manager, Gensler Research Institute