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Soft dB   Booth 510
Soft dB
1040 Belvedere Avenue
Suite 215
Quebec, QC G1S 3G3


For over 20 years, Soft dB has been driving innovations in acoustical engineering, noise control and sound masking.

The SmartSMS-NET Sound Masking System is one of Soft dB's cutting-edge technologies allowing office workers to experience better productivity, confidentiality and well-being. Designed with flexibility, scalability and cost-efficiency in mind, this network-ready system is the only one capable of automatically adjusting the masking volume in real-time, based on the level of disturbing noise in a room.

The ability to deliver optimal masking sound based on the unique attributes of each individual work area is what sets the SmartSMS-Net Sound Masking System apart.
Acoustical/Sound Masking


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