CANCELLED - Digital Twin: Digitalize Every Stage of a Building Through BIM and IoT
Dates: December 10, 2020 4:15 PM - 5:15 PM CST
Digital twins are not new. Manufacturing companies, for example, use the technology to digitally mirror complex production processes or even an entire factory. The growing usage of BIM across the full building life cycle and the rise of smart buildings using real-time data from inexpensive IoT sensors are now also bringing digital twins to the built environment. Building digital twins hold BIM data alongside measurement data from sensor networks to create a constantly evolving, digital version of a physical building. Such a twin ingests data from myriad data points ranging from construction data, floor plans and technical equipment, to data about indoor climate, lighting, noise, space occupancy, footfall and more. Learn how the twin changes the way performance is being measured and managed by correlating technical, spatial, environmental, utilization, and financial data.